Bulletin - Head of School's Message

Dear CFIS Families:

Over the past several weeks, I have sought input from faculty, staff and CFIS parents on the subject of CFIS’s international programming.

A Minute With Mme Amy: The view from the first floor (highlights from my week)

Winter concerts at the Calgary French & International SchoolAltogether, I have attended 9 winter concerts this week, performed by students in preschool to Grade 6. While it made for a full and busy week, what a gift to see the progression from tiny three year olds shyly whispering their first French songs to an audience of their own class parents, to Grade 6 band students confidently playing their instruments in a packed gymnasium!

Classroom Giving Catalogue

The generosity of our school community continues to play an important role in enhancing student learning by allowing staff to continue adding 21st-century tools, environments and programs at CFIS.

Your donations at work

Proceeds from CFIS’s fundraising programs continue to positively impact the daily lives of our students. Many CFIS fundraising intiatives are driven by volunteers within our parent community. Revenue from various fundraising initiatives the past three years allowed us to purchase:



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