Art workshop, fall field trips, and printing practice

As part of our programming, each preschool and junior kindergarten class has a scheduled art workshop time, once every 6 weeks, where they travel up to the “big kids” art room to learn from one of our specialist teachers. This week, Mme Abi’s JK class had the first art workshop of the year, and were delighted to create beautiful, collaborative, multi-coloured silhouettes. You can see these on display outside the classroom!

A message from the Assistant Principal of Elementary: M. St-Arneault

The elementary student life started with a blast this year with many opportunities for our students to get involved in our school community. Many new clubs are being offered this year for students in Grades 10 to 6, including Judo, Magic, Hand-sewn Monster Plushies, Mini Preneurs, Choir, and much more! Moreover, around eighty grade 5 and 6 students are about to start their parking patrol duties.  

Snowstorm, Gratitude, and Cyber Safety Month

While Tuesday’s snowstorm undeniably added significant chaos to our day, it also brought out the best in our staff team. With many team members (including myself) absent due to the road conditions, those who were on-site showed amazing flexibility, professionalism, and collaboration while Mmes Nancy and Susan adapted schedules and juggled communication.

Message from the Assistant Principal of Elementary: Mme Schile

I am excited to be at CFIS for a second year, and to be working with such a dedicated and passionate team of educators.

Parents, are you looking for ways to support your child’s mathematics skills and understanding? Try these simple tips:


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