UNESCO Day and Curt Young

What an amazing two days of UNESCO activities - all relating to the theme of human rights - in our ECE and Elementary Divisions, on February 6th and 7th. Each grade level focused on a different right from the United Nations conventions, such as the rights of a child, and the right to a name, a family, an education, and a safe place to live. The first day started with an inspirational keynote speech and moving musical performance by Curt Young, from the Treaty 5 First Nations. (Click on the photo below to see a part of Mr. Young's performance, with the students singing along.)

Good sportsmanship - and kindness - at its best

Amazing words from another school’s athletics director to CFIS’s own athletics director Mme Crandall, about our senior varsity girls’ basketball team, led by coach Daniel Mondaca: “(My team’s coaches) said your team was amazing, and showed the best sportsmanship of any team all season. Thanks again, Sabine. Just based on that game, you have my vote for the sportsmanship banner!” Three CFIS students - Tom D., Zak J., and Alp U.

Video of Grade 5 & 6 Trickster Theatre Residency Week

Trickster Theatre's week-long residency with CFIS's Grades 5 and 6 students was a wonderful way to start 2019, and an eye-opener for these students into the world of drama. Click the image below to view the video:

End-January Elementary Division newsletter

The monthly Elementary Division newsletter for January 2019 can be viewed here.






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