A Minute With Mme Amy: Junior kindergarten concert, Grade 6 celebration, and going barefoot

It has been another week full of special celebrations at CFIS. On Thursday morning we hosted our junior kindergarten spring concert, and a particular highlight for me was having the JK partner classes from grades 3 and 6 join our little ones in performing a song, and then stay to help with prop changes and transitions.

A Minute With Mme Amy: Concert season, Graduation Day, and year-end anxiety

CFIS Graduation 2018Spring concert season is upon us, and this week I had the pleasure of attending the grades 3-6 concert as well as our preschool performance. The “big kids” always impress me with their poise, focus, and skill with their instruments, and it was a true pleasure to see our tiniest students so clearly enjoying their own performance opportunity.

A Minute With Mme Amy: Sports Day, Innovation Day, and How to Raise A Human


While I love my job every single day, this has been an exceptionally fun week in our ECE and elementary divisions!

A Minute With Mme Amy: Special art projects, swim lessons, and early numeracy

On Wednesday morning, I was able to attend part of Mme Dorrance’s parent engagement session, on the topic of our school facilities. Although I am completing my ninth year at CFIS, it was fascinating to learn more details about the history of our school building and grounds, and exciting to explore possibilities for enhancements and expansion.


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