Using an ePortfolio can be an effective and efficient way of communicating a child’s day-to-day learning experiences. 

A number of CFIS classrooms are piloting an online ePortfolio application called FreshGrade: in preschool with Mme Barnes, in Grade 1 with Mme Dallaire, and in Grade 2 with Mme Pollard. 

Discovering ancient Greece

Our Grade 6 students delved into the history of when democracy began, going all the way back to ancient Greece 2,500 years ago. We celebrated with a Greek party featuring traditional food and plays. Mme Kathy Marinakos, who grew up in Greece, spoke about her native country.

Be prepared to play in Calgary’s unpredictable weather

In Calgary, the weather can increase or decrease by 20 or more degrees in just a few hours. 

To help ensure your child can participate happily in outdoor play every day at school, we suggest treating your child’s outdoor wear as you would any essential classroom item. Every morning, from mid-September until the May long weekend, students should have access to each of the following items:


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