Gamifying Grade 4

This year, Mme. Couture has undertaken a tremendous challenge--to “gamify” her classroom and her teaching.  Her motivational tools are low-tech, leaving screen time for more focused projects and learning. 


Using an ePortfolio can be an effective and efficient way of communicating a child’s day-to-day learning experiences. 

A number of CFIS classrooms are piloting an online ePortfolio application called FreshGrade: in preschool with Mme Barnes, in Grade 1 with Mme Dallaire, and in Grade 2 with Mme Pollard. 

Discovering ancient Greece

Our Grade 6 students delved into the history of when democracy began, going all the way back to ancient Greece 2,500 years ago. We celebrated with a Greek party featuring traditional food and plays. Mme Kathy Marinakos, who grew up in Greece, spoke about her native country.


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