Be prepared to play in Calgary’s unpredictable weather

In Calgary, the weather can increase or decrease by 20 or more degrees in just a few hours. 

To help ensure your child can participate happily in outdoor play every day at school, we suggest treating your child’s outdoor wear as you would any essential classroom item. Every morning, from mid-September until the May long weekend, students should have access to each of the following items:

Safety both before and after school

We love our active community, and balance our commitment to keeping students active and healthy with our duty of care in keeping them safe during the school day. 
Once you pick-up your children from the classroom and they are in your care, we ask that you guide them to continue this ethic of safety during the exciting after-school time. 

Book fair

The CFIS Book Fair broke records for the third year in a row with an increase in sales of $3000 over last year! Thank you to all our volunteers and our Learning Commons staff for their enthusiasm, creativity and expertise. 

Hour of Code a CFIS success

Fluency in computer programming is taking hold within the Calgary French & International School (CFIS). For the first time ever, students from kindergarten to Grade 12 participated in the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week—reaching 100 per cent participation from kindergarten to Grade 12.


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