House system awards over 1000 points to students for their positive actions

Calgary French and International School house system imagesThe implementation of the House system in the Secondary Division was launched at the beginning of this school year to much enthusiasm and fanfare. Students from grades 7 to 12 have been earning individual points and group points for their respective Houses.


This fall, our Secondary Division hosted the first bilingual speech tournament in 10 years. There were 49 junior and senior high participants from five Calgary schools in addition to CFIS: Rundle College, Webber Academy, Western Canada High School, Bob Edwards School and John G. Diefenbaker High School. 

Fundraising in action at CFIS: Variable learning stations in Grade 4 classrooms

student using under-the-desk bicycle while working in classroomOur 21st century furniture pilot project continues to be the talk of our Grade 4 classrooms. Teachers, students and parents are witness to the incredible impact these classroom changes are having on students. 

“There is a clear difference in our classroom this year.


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