Olympic Values

Grade 4 and 5 students embraced the 2018 Winter Olympics by participating in multiple Olympic-themed activities. They celebrated principles of international sport competition adapted from the Fundamental Principles of Olympism:  



A Minute With Mme Amy: Disney Day, The Little Mermaid, and Playing Dress-Up

The Little Mermaid Musical at Calgary French & International SchoolMy first highlight is just a little giggle to share with all of you: Wednesday afternoon, I found a kindergarten boy walking out of the bathroom as I went down the hallway. I could tell from his trajectory that he had come straight from the stall and not stopped at the sink. I stopped him, and asked him to turn around, go back in, and wash his hands.

Transformational Co-Curricular: Fostering confidence, eloquence and leadership through the CFIS musical

Participation in the annual musical production is transformational for CFIS students. It is also one of the Secondary Division’s cornerstones to advancing the school’s mission to develop each student’s individual and academic potential. Faculty and staff see our mission at work as each student develops his or her unique potential through working as part of a team, and also as a leader.

A Minute With Mme Amy: Magenta Mittens, Visiting Students, and Hugs for Kids

A view from the first floor a minute with Amy MurrayAs some of you know, I keep a stash of extra mittens in my office, and grade one students often drop by to borrow a pair. Today, 2 little boys popped in, and one of them grabbed a pair of magenta fleece gloves from the pile. His classmate asked: “Do you think those are girls’ gloves?” and the response made my whole heart smile: “There’s no such thing as girls’ gloves or boys’ gloves.


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