Message from CFIS Director of Finance, Mme. Caitlyn Ducasse

Mme. Caitlyn Ducasse, Director of FinanceIn January, I attended an Independent Schools Management (ISM) conference focused on financial strategic planning for independent schools. This engaging conference focused on how to better integrate our strategic academic plan with a strategic financial plan to improve the long-term financial health of our school. 

Fundraising proceeds create incredible changes for CFIS students

Students conduct lab with microscopes purchased by a CFIS donorFundraising proceeds are creating incredible changes in the daily experience for each CFIS student. Each dollar donated to the school goes directly to student learning and we strive to give parents the opportunity to donate directly to impact areas of the school that they feel most passionately about. 

Technology and innovation at school: Message from Mme. Carter, Director of Educational Technology

Mme. Alex Lianne Carter working with studentsIt is an honour to begin my second year at CFIS as the Director of Educational Technology and Innovation. We began working on some exciting projects last year, and I look forward to continuing to create the innovators of tomorrow’s world through an authentic learning journey.


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