Grade 4 Botanical Studies

CFIS Grade 4 Botanical StudiesDans la classe de Mme. Brodeur, nous étudions les plantes. Dans cette unité scientifique, on effectue deux merveilleuses activités: la plantation de haricots, tournesols ou pois et l’opération «salade». Moi j’expliquerai « l’opération salade ».Le 1 mai 2015, Mme Brodeur a coupé le bout de trois morceaux de laitue.

Enrichment flows in Grade 5

Enrichment flows in Grade 5 CFIS Education was in abundance for Grade 5 students who welcomed some special guests into their classrooms and enjoyed a theatre production in the city last month. On May 7, students were visited by CTV’s meteorologist Steve Rothfels, who gave a terrific, informative and interactive presentation on weather systems and instruments that observe and study weather.

Grade 6 students give the best gift ever

CFIS Grade 6 students give the best give everThe entire student body at CFIS helped countries in need by buying treats at two bake sales organized by the Grade 6 Me to We Club, to raise money for the Best Gift Ever organization.

UNESCO Showcase and Pillars

CFIS Unesco showcase and pillarsAs a UNESCO associated school, our showcases have become both integrated and foundational within our curriculum forming the nucleus from which many student-led projects come into being.


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