Becoming future ready

Becoming Future Ready at CFISPart of creating students who are future-ready is supporting them to be adaptable in their approach to learning and the inevitable changes in life.

BP energy project well underway

Grade 9 student have begun work on their cross-curricular project, “Electricity Generation: Must see it to know it!” They will visit ten different energy generation plants across Canada and Costa Rica. They have written letters of application in English and soon they will learn which type of energy generator they will visit.

Dedication in motion

CFIS’s cross-country students sprinted into the Secondary Division doors on our school’s first non-instructional (professional development) day of the year, when most other students were still sleeping. This shows the commitment of this group of students, and why they are taking Calgary by storm.

Fostering digital citizenship at home

Digital citizenship at home, Calgary Alberta, CFISAs we continue to develop knowledge of and skills in digital citizenship with CFIS students, it is important to create a common language between home and school to work together to ensure we are creating responsible safe future ready individuals.
Here are some tips and tricks to help foster digital citizenship with your children at home:


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