What is happening in the library?

A percolating question in the minds of many CFIS parents over the past several months is: What happens in the ever-evolving and dynamic, mystical land of black-and-white-text, feathers, glue, cardboard, robots and LEGO?

Interview: IB Diploma Program

As CFIS’s new IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, what will you be doing to get CFIS ready for the review process?
As an IB candidate school, we have two years to prepare for a review for CFIS to become an authorized IB school. Once this occurs, we are on track to offer the IB diploma programme in September 2019 for our Grade 11 students.

Interview: Chantelle Borque - Round Square and the International Conference in South Africa


As CFIS’s new Round Square Coordinator, what are the parameters of your new position? 
As CFIS’s Round Square coordinator, I am looking for ways to infuse the spirits of Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service (IDEALS) into our curriculum and extracurricular activities.


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