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About our top school

Working away in art classWe are an educationally progressive, French immersion school with strong academics and a flourishing Spanish-language program. Cultural peace is cultivated through teaching UNESCO values and instilling a strong global perspective, in every grade. 

These four differentiating factors may give you a better idea about our school culture and community to help you determine if Calgary French & International School will be a good fit for your child and your family's approach to education:

  • Alberta's top-ranked French immersion school
  • The best teaching staff from around the world
  • Cultivating cultural peace through UNESCO values 
  • Immersion beyond the classroom

Alberta's top-ranked French immersion school

For many years, we have emerged as the top French immersion school in Alberta placing significantly higher than all our English, Francophone and French immersion competitor schools and an average of 9th among the over 500 schools measured in the province.

Part of our success is our ability to respond to the unique needs and interests of each student. In younger grades this means an emergent curriculum and play materials inspired by each child's interests. In our Elementary Division, inquiry-based learning uses a child's curiosity as a spring board for projects and self-driven areas of study. In our Secondary Division, challenging courses, team teaching and our mentorship program ensures that every student reaches their full academic potential. 

The best teaching staff from around the world

We ensure an incredibly high quality of French and Spanish language instruction through hiring and retaining the best teaching staff from around the world. Our teachers come from throughout Canada as well as South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, bringing with them both strong language skills and a well-rounded international perspective. Our strong professional development program ensures faculty and staff are versed in the best educational practices. 

Our ratio of student to faculty / classroom support is 8:1. In addition to classroom teachers, students are supported by teacher's aids, interns, student teachers, literacy and reading specialists, learning strategists, a guidance counsellor and our school psychologist.  

Cultivating cultural peace through UNESCO values 

We strive to create first-hand cross-cultural experiences for every Calgary French & International School student using the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's framework of values.

In addition to our incredible multi-lingual travel studies programs in the Secondary Division, every class from preschool to Grade 6 engages with communities throughout the world using technology or written mail to broaden their cultural understanding. Other examples of cross-cultural learning include cultural presentations by parents and community leaders, multicultural celebrations, volunteering with local charities and raising money for our adopted village in Nicaragua.

Read more about our international work in our UNESCO section. 

Immersion beyond the classroom

As one of the largest independent French immersion schools in Canada, we have the resources to support a wide variety of choice for our students. 

We offer over 80 teams, options, clubs and initiatives throughout the year taught by our multi-lingual faculty. Through the inspiring participation of our faculty coaches, mentors, directors and producers, Calgary French & International School students have the opportunity to spend hundreds of additional hours in a French immersion or Spanish immersion environment.

Read more about co-curriculars under the Educate Each Student drop down menu.