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Concerts, stone soup, and holiday anxiety

In the last three days, I have had the enormous pleasure of attending all six of the preschool and JK winter concerts. I even got to narrate the preschool performances! At every show, I was blown away by our students’ growth and confidence, our teachers’ passion and patience, and parents’ pride in your little ones’ performances. Thanks to all of you for making time to be part of this magical time of year.

PT interviews, kindergarten sharing, and the power of play

As you know, we have had 2 evenings of parent-teacher interviews this week. It was a pleasure to cross paths with so many of you, and to hear such positive feedback about your children’s experiences so far this year. CFIS students are so lucky to have such engaged and involved families who participate so actively in their educational experience.

Dressing like teachers, speakers' panel, and getting outside

Yesterday, I joined one of our kindergarten classes for an outdoor physical education class. We walked the nearby natural area, where the children played a game in the trees, hiding and searching for each other. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and the children bubbled with joy at being outdoors, exploring the natural world.

Report cards, PD, and learning to sit still

This week, I have spent time reading and reviewing the report card of each child in the ECE division. While this is a demanding task, it is also a pleasure to see the evidence of each child’s progress over these first 3 months of school. Our teachers put such time and care into reflecting upon, and documenting, each child’s growth, strengths, and areas of development.


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