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Art workshop, fall field trips, and printing practice

As part of our programming, each preschool and junior kindergarten class has a scheduled art workshop time, once every 6 weeks, where they travel up to the “big kids” art room to learn from one of our specialist teachers. This week, Mme Abi’s JK class had the first art workshop of the year, and were delighted to create beautiful, collaborative, multi-coloured silhouettes. You can see these on display outside the classroom!

Snowstorm, Gratitude, and Cyber Safety Month

While Tuesday’s snowstorm undeniably added significant chaos to our day, it also brought out the best in our staff team. With many team members (including myself) absent due to the road conditions, those who were on-site showed amazing flexibility, professionalism, and collaboration while Mmes Nancy and Susan adapted schedules and juggled communication.

Orange Shirt Day

Today was a PD day for all of our staff and faculty, with a focus on setting our course for the year. This morning, I worked with our music team to build documentation of the (amazing!) CFIS music program, and to capture our students’ progression from ECE through the end of elementary. While I have always respected our music team, it was truly a gift to spend a couple of hours hearing them share their expertise and passion.

Music, Math, and New Friends

At the end of most school days, I stand at the bottom of our main stairway and say goodbye to our students. This week, I have noticed many students who are new to CFIS this year coming out of their classrooms hand-in-hand with new friends, excitedly talking about their day and making plans to play together again tomorrow.


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