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Mme Amy on boy-girl friendships in the early years

Did you know…that boy-girl friendships help children learn things that they may not learn in same-gender peer relationships? Being friends with the opposite gender helps children see beyond any traditional gender stereotypes they may have already internalized, and helps them explore different parts of their own personalities. (Click on "Read more" at the bottom left corner to see the remainder of this post.) 

Report cards, amazing field trips, and the seven (not five) senses

The View from the First Floor (highlights from my week):

Report card season is once again upon us, and so I have spent time this week reading teachers’ comments about each child’s progress since November. As always, the comments truly capture how well our teachers know each student, and how intentional they are in highlighting strengths and supporting areas of growth. In areas ranging from peer relationships to scissor skills, CFIS educators have remarkable “tool kits” of strategies to help each child flourish.

Pink Shirt Day and talking about "bullying" with young children

On February 27th, CFIS staff and students alike celebrated Pink Shirt Day by wearing pink to show our commitment to healthy, balanced friendships. Pink Shirt Day is often referred to as “Anti-Bullying Day,” but especially with young children, focusing on kind behaviours and what it means to be a good friend provides a clearer and more positive perspective for the day. Our students happily explained to me that they were wearing pink to show that they know it is important to be a good friend.

A minute with Mme UNESCO Days

Last week was so busy, delightful, and satisfying! Our ECE students participated in a whirlwind two days of UNESCO activities, to learn, reflect, and build community, under the umbrella theme of human rights.

Did you know…

That the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child was ratified by 192 countries in 1989? It was a surprise to me that this only occurred so relatively recently. A child-friendly version of the content of the document can be found here, and may be helpful if the topic comes up at home with your child:


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