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A minute with Mme UNESCO Days

Last week was so busy, delightful, and satisfying! Our ECE students participated in a whirlwind two days of UNESCO activities, to learn, reflect, and build community, under the umbrella theme of human rights.

Did you know…

That the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child was ratified by 192 countries in 1989? It was a surprise to me that this only occurred so relatively recently. A child-friendly version of the content of the document can be found here, and may be helpful if the topic comes up at home with your child:

A+ for Accreditation!

Last week, CFIS's preschool and junior kindergarten programs received the final report from an accreditation visit that took place in early November 2018.

A glimpse into the science of early reading skills

Our kindergarten classes have been working on their environmental print unit, and it has been exciting to see parents sending in images of the signs and symbols that their little ones are able to “read,” without even knowing that they are reading! When children can recognize the black-on-yellow print of “Cheerios,” or tell you that you just drove past Dairy Queen, these are often the first instances of beginning reading?

Skating skills, collaboration, and reading the same book again and again

The View from the First Floor (highlights from my week):

Our kindergarten classes wrapped up their skating lessons this week, and several of the students have proudly told me, “Mme Amy! I could not skate before, but now I can!”


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