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Halloween fun, Stampede School, and Language-Switching

While Halloween always adds a little extra chaos to the school day, there is no denying that the children’s excitement was contagious. Their smiles and cries of “Guess what I am?!” brought so much joy to our classrooms and hallways.

Teacher goals, Student-led conferences, and Library fun

message from our library team at CFISAt CFIS, every teacher sets professional goals for each school year, and works with their principal to develop plans to meet these goals and build their own skills and knowledge. This week, I have met individually with most of our ECE teachers, to discuss their priorities and vision for the year, and to explore the resources available to help them.

Spanish, Student Teachers, and Student-Led Conferences

Earlier this week, I stopped by a grade 4 Spanish class to visit some former ECE students. Senor Andres Barilla-Costa, our elementary Spanish teacher, had his guitar out and was leading a song. The students were spellbound! Some of them were accompanying him on drums, and they were reading new vocabulary as they sang along. It was so nice to see them so deeply engaged in the beginning stages of their third language at CFIS!

Art workshop, fall field trips, and printing practice

As part of our programming, each preschool and junior kindergarten class has a scheduled art workshop time, once every 6 weeks, where they travel up to the “big kids” art room to learn from one of our specialist teachers. This week, Mme Abi’s JK class had the first art workshop of the year, and were delighted to create beautiful, collaborative, multi-coloured silhouettes. You can see these on display outside the classroom!


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