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Outpourings of love, and UNESCO Day magic

While the accident involving Mme Abi was far from being a highlight, the outpouring of love and support for her has been a powerful reminder of the strength and "family-ness" of our school community. Thank you to everyone who has reached out; I have passed on your love and good wishes, and was able to see Abi in person today.

March for our Lives, Rhymes, and Movement Guidelines

A minute with Amy Murray Calgary French & International SchoolWhile it is not directly connected to CFIS, I am still reflecting on my own participation in the San Francisco March for Our Lives, at the beginning of spring break. It was a tremendously powerful event, and the young people who organized the whole thing were nothing short of remarkable.

Disney Day, The Little Mermaid, and Playing Dress-Up

The Little Mermaid Musical at Calgary French & International SchoolMy first highlight is just a little giggle to share with all of you: Wednesday afternoon, I found a kindergarten boy walking out of the bathroom as I went down the hallway. I could tell from his trajectory that he had come straight from the stall and not stopped at the sink. I stopped him, and asked him to turn around, go back in, and wash his hands.

Magenta Mittens, Visiting Students, and Hugs for Kids

A view from the first floor a minute with Amy MurrayAs some of you know, I keep a stash of extra mittens in my office, and grade one students often drop by to borrow a pair. Today, 2 little boys popped in, and one of them grabbed a pair of magenta fleece gloves from the pile. His classmate asked: “Do you think those are girls’ gloves?” and the response made my whole heart smile: “There’s no such thing as girls’ gloves or boys’ gloves.


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