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New Preschoolers, Grade 3 Recorders, and Teaching Empathy

A view from the first floor a minute with Amy MurrayOn Wednesday morning, I attended Mme Dorrance’s parent engagement session, around the topics of academic excellence and whole child development. There was excellent and extremely positive discussion around the things parents most appreciate about their child’s CFIS experience, as well as constructive and thoughtful suggestions of things we could add to these aspects of our mission.

Halfway Day, Guide Dog in Training, and Difficult Conversations with Children

A view from the first floor a minute with Amy Murray Our students returned from the week off full of excitement and stories about their travels and adventures. Every time we return from a break, I am reminded how special it is that, while all of our students look forward to time off, they are often just as excited to return to school afterwards.

Professional Development, Leadership, and Child Mental Health

early childhood a minute with mme amy at Calgary French & International schooThis has been a week full of professional learning for me, as well as for our ECE team! Having this time to learn together always reminds me of how blessed I am to work among such dedicated educators.

Future teachers, the penguin dance, and life skills

Calgary French & International School a minute with Mme. Amy MurrayI spent this morning speaking to a group of Education students at the University of Calgary, about the field of early childhood education, and the importance of play in young children’s classrooms. Starting my day with a group of such keen, motivated, and genuinely interested future teachers was a wonderful reminder of how lucky I am to do work I love so much.


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