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Bulletin - Head of School's Message

After two years of intensive groundwork, CFIS’s peer accreditation review is largely complete.  Representatives of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) schools from across Canada, with expertise in both administrative and educational aspects of school operations, attended at CFIS this May. 

They thoroughly analyzed the documentation that had been compiled by CFIS staff to provide evidence of how CFIS meets the eleven CAIS standards.

Over the course of a three-day visit, the visiting committee developed recommendations and commendations based on both the documentation as well as on observations within the school and discussions with faculty, staff, and all members of the senior leadership team, as well as with a number of parents and alumni.  

Because CFIS faculty and staff had already conducted an in-depth and wide-ranging internal review in advance of the committee’s visit, we had a thorough idea of our strengths and areas of required growth. 

I am proud to report that the school received a significant number of commendations, largely focused on the learning environment, commitment to overall school improvement, and the implementation of the strategic plan.  

The visiting committee will be providing its written report to CAIS, and CFIS will receive the final version of the document in the summer. At that point, the senior leadership team and the CFIS Society’s Board of Directors will commence a review of the report and begin to give thought to how we can individually and collectively improve the school by addressing the specific recommendations which it will contain. 

The dedication to continuous improvement embodied by the ten members of the CAIS visiting committee was truly impressive. Their time and expertise was greatly appreciated, and supports CFIS as it strives to achieve its mission of developing each student’s individual and academic potential through full French immersion and an international focus in a rich and dynamic learning environment. CFIS’s membership in CAIS promotes a reflective and collaborative school improvement process, allows us to examine the school’s overall program and operations, provides validation of current programs and services, suggests areas of future growth and development, and provides our educators with valuable professional development and information about effective practices nationally and globally. It also assures CFIS parents that our school is focused on providing a safe and enriching learning environment while maintaining an efficient and effective operation, and provides the Society’s Board with an independent, non-governmental validation that the school they oversee is effectively delivering a quality educational experience to its students in a manner that is sustainable. 

I was deeply moved at the debriefing meeting when the CAIS coordinator shared that he believes that CFIS’s membership as a CAIS school will contribute positively to that organization. I shared this comment with faculty and staff at a brief meeting following the visiting committee’s departure, and they were equally impacted by this sentiment. 

I would like to thank the entire CFIS community – Board members, students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and the senior leadership team – for their time and contribution to this undertaking. Working collaboratively resulted in a highly successful outcome for our school, and will contribute to the strength and permanence of our school.


Mme Margaret Dorrance
Head of School  

News - School-wide

Please see a message below from one of our community partners and generous donor to our music program at CFIS, the Kinsmen Club of Calgary. 


Each year the Kinsmen Club of Calgary has participated with the Field of Crosses project that was initiated by the late George Bittman, and Murray McCann.  The project consists of placing over 3,000 Crosses and Stars of David along Memorial Drive that have inscribed the names of those that have given their lives in the various...

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We have several openings for students in kindergarten to Grade 6 in our before- and after-school programs. All available spots are five days per week. Families who are interested in these openings can contact Mme Susan Ammeter at Please note that there are no before- and after-school openings for preschool and junior kindergarten students at this time. 

Thank you!

Parents have reported old calendar entries in their calendar feeds. We have looked into the online calendar and everything appears to be working correctly.

The likely reason for incorrect or missing entries is that your personal calendar settings are not configured to refresh that particular calendar feed on an hourly / daily basis.

It is important to note that with the exception of sporting events, which may be changed by external bodies, we endeavour to have all calendar...

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Please see the note below from MLI Homestay:

MLI Homestay is looking for amazing families in Calgary to host one female student from July 13-27 and another male student August 1st to 14th.

Reimbursement if you host for both groups is $1134. Students attend school Mon-Friday at the French Language school located at 700 77st SW. You must provide 3 meals and be willing to transport students to and from school. Carpooling is encouraged. If you are interested in becoming...

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Help is needed in the library and with classroom books that need repair. There is enough work for 10 parents to help with this work. Please contact Mme Jillian Lee at

Foothills Concert Band would like to extend an invitation to all members of the CFIS community. A Calgary tradition since 1968, the Calgary Foothills Concert Band is currently accepting new members in all sections. If you have wanted to dust off your trumpet or flute, or are ready to have fun creating music in a wonderful community, then it is a great time to join the Foothills Concert Band! 

Starting January 9, come by the CFIS band room on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. to give us a try...

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This CFIS Society Board-approved calendar is emailed to parents once it is approved. The PDF calendar can be found on our calendar page just below the menu on the right, year round. 

Please see this link for the 2017-18 annual calendar.

Please see this link for the 2016-17 annual calendar

Alberta Health Services has a number of great online resources for parents with children of all ages. Please see this link for their monthly PDF and other resources for children and teens.

Thank you!

KidZone is open for the two PD Days in April as well!


Summer camp for kids in Calgary...

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News - Secondary division

Please check the link below if your child is participating in athletics. At times, the CISAA will change game times or locations with little notice. For more information, please contact your child's coach or Mme. Crandall at