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Concert season, Graduation Day, and year-end anxiety

CFIS Graduation 2018Spring concert season is upon us, and this week I had the pleasure of attending the grades 3-6 concert as well as our preschool performance. The “big kids” always impress me with their poise, focus, and skill with their instruments, and it was a true pleasure to see our tiniest students so clearly enjoying their own performance opportunity. Thanks to all of you who joined us for these events; I look forward to continuing to see you and your families as the year wraps up with multiple events that showcase our students’ talents and progress.

Today was Graduation Day at CFIS, and I have to confess that it is one of my favourite days of the year. Our Grade 12 graduates truly embody our school values, and it was a special treat to see how many of this year’s graduates began their CFIS journey in our early childhood division. Part of our graduation ceremony includes an acknowledgement of “Les Doyennes:” the special name for graduates who have been with us since kindergarten (or earlier). It is always so special to hear these life-long CFIS students acknowledge their deep friendships with one another and their strong connections to our school community.

Did you know...

...that while the end of a school year is exciting for many reasons, it can also be a source of anxiety for our littlest learners? The very comfort and attachment that your children have developed toward their school experience can also make it hard for them (and possibly you) to face the change that summer brings — a change that is, of course, followed by even more change as they move on to new teachers and classrooms, and for some, new cities and schools.

Some of you have shared that you are starting to see some regressive behaviours at home and/or in the classroom, and I wanted to reassure you that, while these behaviours may be challenging or upsetting, they are often normal at this time of year. The two articles linked below share more details about end-of-year anxiety, and how to support your child through the transition to summer routines.

How to Prepare Your Anxious Child for the Last Day of School:

Tips for Helping Kids with End-of-Year Transitions:

Some children roll right through these transitions with barely a hiccup, while others may need lots of extra TLC. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's experience, or you are seeing signs of anxiety, I encourage you to discuss them with your child's teacher. If there is any support or insight I can provide, I am also happy to hear from you.

Have a wonderful weekend;