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Benefits of immersion

Being bilingual and multilingual opens doors to a world of possibilities. Personal, cultural, economic, and academic developmental advantages are gained by learning another language. As well, research shows that learning a second language enhances a child's ability to focus, increases his or her problem-solving skills and creative abilities, helps to build empathy, and encourages understanding of other cultures and ways of life. Having a strong second language also makes it easier for children to learn subsequent languages. 

Employment opportunities broaden when one is fluent in French, English and Spanish. French and English are the official languages of Canada and the official working languages of the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, OECD, the International Red Cross, the International Olympic Committee, and the 31-member Council of Europe. A survey of 63 large Canadian companies revealed 84 per cent considered bilingualism in English and French an asset, or gave preference to bilingual (English / French) candidates.   

No matter what a student’s future, being able to research and read a wealth of resources in other languages gives CFIS students an advantage in any field. 

Over 100 countries name French, English or Spanish as one of their official languages. CFIS graduates are able to speak confidently in any of these countries.  

Completing senior high school in a full French immersion environment opens post-secondary options for CFIS students. Our graduates can apply to study at French, English or Spanish universities globally. 

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