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Magazine campaign

Visit to buy magazines and support our school! All you need to do is enter the CFIS school campaign code: 3809985. You can use this code year round and don't need to wait for the official fall campaign!

The CCRP Magazine Subscription Campaign fundraiser is held annually. The school benefits year round from online subscriptions. Use our campaign code, 3809985, to ensure CFIS benefits from your subscription or renewal.

The Magazine Subscription Campaign has begun and all students, except for the Grade 8 students who are away, have brought home information packages. Thank you to our volunteers who handed out over 800 packages to students, faculty and staff!

The Magazine Subscription Campaign raises around $10,000 each year for the school. 

This year instead of toy prizes, for every three subscriptions, one chicken will be donated to a needy family in Guatemala or Nicaragua by Save Our Children. The student responsible for the donation will get a paper chicken with their name on it posted within the school as recognition. 

Apart from the chickens, there are many incredible deals to be had! Happy shopping! For more information, please contact Mme. Theresa Gerritsen at