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Options and clubs

A variety of options and clubs are offered to our students in elementary and secondary. 

Clubs are offered to elementary students and occur throughout the week during lunch. Options are built into the schedule as a class and may change throughout the year depending on a student's interest. Some options, such as band, are signed up for year round. 


Students who are inspired and motivated to contribute to improving the school, Calgary, Canada and the world are encouraged to take UNESCO as a course option. Classes explore about global issues relating to human rights, the environment and peace and go to We Day. In this option, faculty and students will explore and develop action plans that will make the world more enjoyable for all.

Model UN

A great fit for our internationally-focused curriculum, the Model UN is a wonderful addition to our junior and senior high program. Dovetailing with our UNESCO initiatives and first-hand experience connecting with people in countries throughout the world through service, philanthropy and education projects, the Model UN offers a great experience for our students to connect their global knowledge with their debate and speaking skills. 


The debate option is a place where students who are interested in current events, community, affairs, public speaking, and debating can come together and discuss these situations. We participate in Alberta Speech and Debate Competitions.

Student newspaper & TV

Students will work collaboratively to produce regular news bulletins that will reflect students’ interests and current events. It will be diffused in both written and televised form.

The articles and news broadcast themes will be student driven, but supervised by faculty. At the beginning of the year, a team of aspiring journalists will develop a concept, name the newspaper and submit ideas for the content. These creations could be original works, editorials, popular opinion surveys, interviews, creative writing, poems, critiques or current events. This option will interest students who are passionate about writing, are interested in developing their creative side, want to develop good communication skills and make a difference in the school.


Drama encourages students to perform in front of their peers while practicing a wide range of dramatic techniques. We learn how to move on a stage, develop public speaking abilities and learn how to use emotion in acting. We practice all these skills by doing small theatre projects that are presented in front of our parent and school community. These projects also offer students a chance to experiment with other aspects of theatre study such as set construction, memorizing scripts, and using imagination.

Visual arts

This course will explore fine arts through a variety of projects made using different mediums and tools. The objective is to introduce many artistic styles and materials to students while improving skills and creativity. Students will have the opportunity to work with clay, paper, paint, glass, metal, chalk, and wood to create their masterpieces!


Photography is much more than point and shoot. The purpose of this course is to truly understand the fundamentals of photography through the manipulation of shutter speed and aperture size. Students will learn how to use digital SLR cameras to take better pictures. They will be assigned different photo projects that reflect particular concepts learned in class such as depth of field, light and framing. Additionally, we will use Photoshop to adjust photos before printing them.

Food studies

The course will explore basic cooking methods with the goal of giving students the tools to develop a healthy lifestyle while often exploring traditional foods within a variety of cultures. Students will study basic nutrition, learn basic skills in cooking and baking, and make lots of yummy food to eat!


Student will have an opportunity to improve their personal fitness, gain an understanding of basic fitness principles, learn basic anatomy and gain an appreciation of different types of training methods by actively participating in a variety of group exercise classes.


Using LEGO Mindstorms, students will discover the field of robotics and will be able to program a model / robot to perform small tasks.

Outdoor education

This course will allow students to develop knowledge and skills as well as safely perform outdoor activities. Building on these skills, students can pursue and enjoy their choice of outdoor pursuit activities in order to enhance their personal fitness level and sense of well-being.

Multimedia and animation

Students will explore animation through creating storyboards, set construction and the creation of an animated feature with clay characters.