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Our three divisions - ECE, Elementary, and Secondary

CFIS offers its full French language immersion programming to students in preschool through to Grade 12. There are three pedagogical divisions - Early Childhood Education (ECE) (preschool, junior kindergarten, and kindergarten), Elementary (Grade 1 to 6), and Secondary (Grade 7 to 12, with junior high from Grade 7 to 9, and senior high from Grade 10 to 12). 

The diversity of ages within our school creates an environment full of opportunity for mentorship, personal accountability in older grades, and improved delivery of an enriched curriculum. 

Our mentoring program stretches between a wide variety of grades and nurtures character and academics through activities such as reading, sharing projects, project partnership all while interacting in French. 

Curriculum leaders work to streamline the transition both between grades and between divisions, maximizing learning between years.

Additionally, research has shown the smooth transition between grades and divisions when staying in the same school is less emotionally impactful allowing the students to focus their energy on improving academics.