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Spamalot the Musical

Thank you to everyone who performed, volunteered and attended our wild and wonderful Spamalot musical production. 

The past seven CFIS musicals have been triumphs of collaborative effort, and this year was not any different with over half the students in our Secondary Division participating along with alumni, parent volunteers and faculty.

Thank you all for supporting what continues to be an incredible showcase of the talent, leadership and commitment that is so foundational to the CFIS experience. 

For more information please contact Nicolas Aubert at

In the spirit of Monty Python...

Historian: Monty Python’s Spamalot is sure to bring laughter to both long-term fans and those completely ignorant of the troupe’s witty and hilariously silly antics. As my friend Eric Idle likes to say, “Spamalot is lovingly ripped-off from the motion picture Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”  We join King Arthur —

Audience: WAIT!

Historian: What?

Audience: What do you mean ‘we join him’. As in, we get to go on stage to sing and dance and play with medieval weapons?

Historian: Pardon?

Audience: I asked, what do you mean by ‘we join him’? Will there be audience participation?

Historian: That’s not what I meant. I meant that it takes place during King Arthur’s noble quest to recruit knights and find the Holy Grail.  

Audience: Oh, well, say what you mean, you twit.

Historian: Um, very well then. During his adventure, we encounter —

Audience: Wait, what are you doing?

Historian: I’m telling the audience about the show.

Audience: You numpty, you’ll completely ruin it for us.

Historian: Then how will everyone know what to expect?

Audience: It’s Monty Python, and it has a spectacular score!  Come, bring your friends, enjoy, laugh, but please don’t pee your pants.

Historian: I think that’s a bit much.

Audience: I thought it was quite concise.