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Information sessions and pencil grasps: A minute with Mme Amy

On Tuesday evening, we hosted an information session for current families, about our kindergarten, grade one, and elementary division programs. It was such a treat to see so many of you, and to answer such thoughtful questions as you look ahead to the next steps of your child(ren)’s path at CFIS.

If you were not able to attend the session, and you have any questions about next year, or the years beyond, I am happy to meet with you or answer questions via e-mail.

I spent some time in a couple of kindergarten classrooms this week, and was blown away by the children’s progress in both their academic skills and their confidence with the French language. Even students who were brand new to our French immersion community in September are now able to easily understand classroom routines, and to answer questions about their work and play in French.

Our Grade 5 classes hosted a fundraising bake sale yesterday. With the help of their teachers, they thoughtfully made plans to ensure that younger students could enjoy the treats in a way that was safe and not too overwhelming. A lunchtime, some of the older students visited the kindergarten classrooms with carts of treats for the little ones to purchase, and they made a specific plans for our grade ones to move through the lineup as smoothly and efficiently as possible. While these events always require some careful planning and patience, I am so proud that our students feel empowered to plan and lead them.

Did you know…

That there is more than one “correct” way to hold a pencil, and that most children need to work through a relatively predictable progression of pencil grasps before arriving at an efficient model, around age 4-6? This article (from a blog I consult regularly) does a good job of describing this progression, and the importance of each stage of pencil grip: I also encourage you to click through to see the photos of the different grasps show here:

As we move into the beginning of the holiday season, I hope your family is enjoying time together that includes special traditions.