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Junior kindergarten concert, Grade 6 celebration, and going barefoot

It has been another week full of special celebrations at CFIS. On Thursday morning we hosted our junior kindergarten spring concert, and a particular highlight for me was having the JK partner classes from grades 3 and 6 join our little ones in performing a song, and then stay to help with prop changes and transitions. It was an excellent example of the kinds of relationships that make CFIS special, and also created authentic leadership opportunities for the older students. That afternoon, a group of grade threes reported to me that they had truly enjoyed being part of the concert, and how proud they were of their “little buddies.”

This morning, we celebrated our Grade 6 students’ transition to junior high, with a special ceremony to honour them. Many of them were in my own kindergarten class when they were little, and I will confess that, as I called some of their names this morning, my eyes got a little damp. I am so proud of the young men and women they are becoming, and it was powerful to see our entire ECE and elementary divisions come together to celebrate this milestone.

Later today, I heard three of our Grade 5 boys chatting in the hallway during recess. They were joking around and being silly, until one of them got quite serious and said: “You guys. Can you believe that exactly one year from today, that whole thing in the gym will be FOR US?!” It gave me goosebumps to hear him, and it reminded me of the important role of traditions in building a strong school community.

Did you know…

That children’s overall physical development benefits from going barefoot? Engaging in active play (especially outdoors) with bare feet helps build balance, proprioception - the ability to sense where different body parts are in space, and in relation to one another - and coordination. It also makes sense to me that it would provide sensory input that is important in coordinating self-regulation. This article from the Washington Post (while mostly an opinion piece, not a research article) shares more details about why kids and adults would benefit from more time with no shoes on:

On that note, please take some time to enjoy the feeling of grass between your toes this weekend!

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