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Minecraft: A modern way to recreate history

child with tablet showing minecraftThe following article is by CFIS student, Evan A.: Minecraft is like building with LEGO but in virtual reality. The game enables you to create 3D structures while still being able to decorate the inside. I chose to do my project on Greece using Minecraft because I enjoy playing it in my spare time, and I am good at building. I had already built a gigantic city called Happytown, and this project would expand and add beauty to my town. It would also link with my schoolwork, making it a formidable choice for my assignment.

Minecraft is entertaining and takes a certain amount of cleverness to make very magnificent structures. I enjoyed this challenge while making my unique project on Greek architecture. Seeing inside a temple I designed myself is much more interesting than looking at a picture that only shows half of the outside. 

I created ancient Spartan temples with golden statues of gods inside, stables with horses and gardens with flowers. The main difference between Spartan and Athenian temples were that different gods supposedly inhabited the temples, but there were probably more Spartan “homes” because they wanted their army to be the most powerful, most decorated in all of Greece. 

Minecraft was an excellent way to make my project because it was enjoyable. It was a good way to make models and diagrams of ancient Sparta and was overall a great choice for me and my project. To see me at work go to and