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A Minute With Mme Amy: The view from the first floor (highlights from my week)

early childhood a minute with mme amy at Calgary French & International schooThis has been a week full of professional learning for me, as well as for our ECE team! Having this time to learn together always reminds me of how blessed I am to work among such dedicated educators.

Monday and Tuesday were professional development days for all of our teachers. On Monday, our entire early childhood team attended a session about phonemic awareness and early literacy, led by one of our kindergarten teachers and our elementary literacy coach. Mme Camirand and I also presented workshops to all grade levels (preschool - Grade 6) about concept-based learning and assessment.

On Tuesday, we brought in a guest speaker - Dr. Marian Small - who spent the whole day with our teachers, sharing her expertise about math instruction. It was wonderful to see teachers from preschool all the way to grade 6 working together to deepen their own understanding and align our approach to mathematics.

On Wednesday, Mme Nancy and I attended a webinar, on the topic of leadership in early childhood education. It was valuable to have this time together, to reflect on our efforts to approach our roles in a way that balances the needs of children, teachers, and families.


Did you know…
That Wednesday, January 31 was Bell Let’s Talk day: a day to talk openly about mental health and mental healthcare? While there is often a lot of focus on mental health for adults and adolescents, it is important to remember that young children can, on occasion, struggle with mental health challenges. The Harvard Centre on the Developing Child has created an excellent, short video on the role of mental health in young children’s development, and what to look for as you consider your child’s overall wellness:

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Please stay warm on this chilly Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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Amy Murray, B.Ed., M.S.
Director of Early Childhood Education
Calgary French & International School
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