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A Minute With Mme Amy: The view from the first floor (highlights from my week)

The Little Mermaid Musical at Calgary French & International SchoolMy first highlight is just a little giggle to share with all of you: Wednesday afternoon, I found a kindergarten boy walking out of the bathroom as I went down the hallway. I could tell from his trajectory that he had come straight from the stall and not stopped at the sink. I stopped him, and asked him to turn around, go back in, and wash his hands. His response: "No Mme, it's ok. I don't need to. I washed my hands BEFORE I peed!” (I then explained why it is important to wash hands AFTER using the toilet, and had him return to the sink to wash again.) It was a gentle reminder to me of the importance of giving very specific instructions when we ask little ones to do something!

Our secondary school’s musical production of The Little Mermaid opened last night, and it is truly impressive. I got to see part of a sneak preview this afternoon, and was blown away by the performances. It was extra special to see some of my own former kindergarten students dancing and singing with such poise and confidence. There are additional performances this evening, and both a matinée and evening shows tomorrow, and I encourage to work it into your family’s weekend plans if you can. Online ticket sales have closed, but if you arrive early, tickets are available at the door.

In connection with The Little Mermaid production, yesterday and today have been Disney-themed spirit days for all of our ECE and elementary students. Seeing students in everything from full Chewbacca costumes to glittery mouse ears reminded me of the importance of play at every age. Even our “big” grade 6 students are still children who enjoy playing dress-up with their friends!

And speaking of dress-up, did you know….
That dress-up play supports children’s’ growth across multiple domains?
As they play dress-up, children build vocabulary, improve their self-care skills, practice empathy and social interactions, explore different family, community, and gender roles, and construct a stronger sense of their own identity. Our Disney day prompted me to reflect on dress-up play, and why it appeals so strongly to children. The post linked below clearly describes these, and many other advantages of this kind of play as part of children’s early education:  

Benefits of Dressup Play For Children:

Wishing you a happy and sunny weekend; perhaps I will see you at The LIttle Mermaid tomorrow!




Amy Murray, B.Ed., M.S.

Director of Early Childhood Education

Calgary French & International School