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Parent community

The Calgary French & International School parent community is a welcoming and inclusive environment for new parents. Throughout the year there are school events, dramatic presentations, fundraisers and a host of other opportunities to stay in contact with each other and enrich your experience as a parent.

Please visit the school often and attend school events. You and your children will both benefit from feeling integrated within your school community. 


With thousands of hours donated each year by CFIS parents, the gift of time from our parent community has become a driving force behind our ability to offer an enhanced level of learning for each CFIS student. 

We encourage new and returning parents to become involved in the community as much as possible early on in the school year as volunteers. Please explore the information about volunteering of our Donate & Innovate section for job listings and details.  

Ways to support your child at school

Here are some slightly adapted tips from our Director of Early Childhood that will help students of all ages throughout the school year:

  • Make consistent, punctual school attendance a priority for your family
  • Ensure that your child is well rested
  • Send healthy foods for snacks and lunches
  • Get to know your child’s teachers, and maintain open, friendly communication with them
  • Read school communication carefully and check your email every day.
  • Attend school events as much as possible
  • Immediately obtain a police check so that you are able to volunteer for field trips or special events
  • Expose your child to a rich variety of real-life experiences, and minimize screen-time
  • Read to or with your child every day, and talk about the things you read together

Welcoming diversity

Comprised of a diverse range of cultures, ethnicities and personal beliefs, the school community celebrates our intrinsic diversity through recognizing a variety of cultural and religious holidays, inviting parents to speak about their culture, country of origin, travels, and initiatives, and protecting each child and adult's emotional well-being by developing policies around discrimination and bullying through our Mutual Respect Policy.