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Special art projects, swim lessons, and early numeracy

On Wednesday morning, I was able to attend part of Mme Dorrance’s parent engagement session, on the topic of our school facilities. Although I am completing my ninth year at CFIS, it was fascinating to learn more details about the history of our school building and grounds, and exciting to explore possibilities for enhancements and expansion.

This week, several of our ECE classes have complete art projects to contribute to tomorrow evening’s Spring Benefit event. Please keep your eyes open for beautiful canvases as silent auction items.

In the last 2 weeks, all of our kindergarten and grades 1-3 classes have completed a cycle of swimming lessons, as part of our physical education programming. The children always return from the pool with big smiles on their faces, proud of their own developing skills. As a classroom teacher, I always loved having opportunities to watch my students learn new skills, in a new setting, and was amazing at how brave children are when they tackle new physical challenges.

Did you know…

That early numeracy skills being long before children start formal instruction in mathematics? Even before children know what numbers are, they naturally begin exploring mathematical skills such as sorting, comparing, and patterning. There are many easy ways for parents and educators to encourage children’s developmental affinity for these tasks, and reinforce the foundation for later math skills. The two links below provide information about the progression of early math skills, as well as many suggested games and activities to support our youngest mathematicians:

Help Your Child Develop Early Math Skills:

Eleven Games & Activities for Parents to Encourage Maths in Early Learning:

Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Mother's Day. I hope to see many of you at the Spring Benefit tomorrow evening!

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