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Sports Day, Innovation Day, and How to Raise A Human


While I love my job every single day, this has been an exceptionally fun week in our ECE and elementary divisions!

On Wednesday, Mr. Malek and Mme Emily hosted our first-ever preschool and junior kindergarten sports day. They arrived at school at 6:00 a.m. to set up a variety of fun outdoor games and physical challenges for our littlest athletes. Each classroom dressed up in their class colour, and had a designated time to explore and play the games. Students kicked soccer balls, rolled bowling balls, danced to silly songs, and ran through obstacle courses. There was even a “recovery tent” with shade and water bottles. Many smiling parents joined us for the fun, and the bright sunshine made for a perfect morning. While this was the first sports day for our youngest students, it will not be the last. This will definitely be an annual tradition!
Yesterday was “Innovation Day” for our ECE and Elementary students. All students (preschool - Grade 6) spent the day exploring the question “Why do we play?” They created games for one another, challenged each other to play in new ways, built new toys, explored new materials, worked together, moved their bodies, and made new friends.  Along the way, they learned about cooperation, planning, communication, problem-solving, design, organization, and a million other critical 21st-century skills. They also had A LOT of fun!

You can see highlights of both Sports Day and Innovation Day on our division Instagram account:

Did you know…

That dancing with your child holds benefits for your relationship, and their social-emotional skills? The research described in this NPR piece suggest that adults who dance and sing with their little ones are supporting the development of empathy and problem-solving skills. While these findings are interesting in their own right, I found the research methods just as fascinating; understanding babies’ brains means designing research scenarios that do not depend on verbal communication!

(This piece is part of an NPR series called How To Raise A Human, which is full of new research and commentary on child development and parenting; I have added it to my own reading list. You can check it out here: )

Have a wonderful, relaxing, and sunny long weekend with your children. I can’t believe we are in the “home stretch” of the school year already!

Warm wishes;