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School psychologist

Message from our school psychologist,
Dr. Brent MacDonald

I am pleased to join the CFIS support team once again for the 2014-15 school year.

A registered psychologist for 15 years, I did most of my training in the Maritimes, where I taught and provided guidance counselling services at the junior and senior high level before moving to Calgary to complete my PhD.

I have taught at both Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary over the past 16 years and have a private practice in the city.

Speaking with CFIS administrators and teachers, I am highly impressed with the focus on student support and – in a larger sense – the emphasis on the broad scope of CFIS as a community of support. Supports offered by me during the following year will include:

  • Psychoeducational assessment designed to identify student strengths and any specific challenges (i.e. difficulties with reading, writing, math, attention, social skills, and so on);
  • Individual counselling for students;
  • Collaboration with teachers on enhancing the educational environment;
  • Provision of academic accommodations;
  • Presentations for parents and staff on issues such as student anxiety

These supports are accessed by contacting your child’s homeroom teacher or our Learning Strategist Coordinator, Mme. Cross, at

I am certainly looking forward to working with the CFIS community for another year!

Dr. Brent MacDonald
School psychologist