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Updating Information

Keeping your family and child(ren)'s information up to date and current with your school records is extremely important.

Please email to update your child's information regularly. 

With correct email and mailing addresses, CFIS employees are supported as we strive to communicate accurately with your family. Having the most up to date medical information regarding your child(ren) supports us in keeping your children safe, and finally, when we have accurate information, we are able to meet reporting requirements to outside governing bodies. 

Thank you for taking the time to update your family or child(ren)'s information, as the need arises.

If you need to make a change related to enrolment, please contact M. Trevor Edgar at

How we will use your personal information?

The information collected by Calgary French & International School Society (CFIS) employees will be used for purposes related to providing services to our community.

Additionally, all members of CFIS are also members of the Calgary International Language Foundation (CILF) and the Endowment Society and will receive information from these organizations. If you would like to opt out of membership in the CILF or the Endowment Society please email

CFIS employees and designated volunteers may use information provided to communicate with you through a variety of channels (e.g. Email, phone and mail). Information shared will relate to the school and to related initiatives such as logistical information about learning at CFIS, school news outside your child(ren)’s grade(s), community initiatives of potential interest to your family, information related to marketing, admissions and re-enrolment, and information meant to encourage attendance at events and participation as a volunteer and donor in support of the school and student learning.

If you have been at CFIS for at least one year and leave the school, you are also eligible for our school’s alumni program, and we will communicate with you about related networking opportunities, events, initiatives, volunteering and fundraising.

We may also use an automated voice and text system, which we use primarily for communicating time sensitive information (e.g. during inclement weather or a crisis situation).

Finally, our website uses cookies to collect data about how our website is performing and enable digital interest-based marketing. You can delete or turn cookies off on your browser to disable this function. 

Your privacy and preferences around communications are a priority for CFIS staff. You can request more information by emailing our Director of Communications, Marketing and Advancement, Mme Theresa Gerritsen, at At any time, you can change your contact information or asked to be removed from our mailing list by emailing Mme Cecilia Mondaca at